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Startup Incubator for Businesses

Pinsfree incubate startups for business owners who have existing businesses as a way to grow Inorganically.

We value-add by providing shared resources such as platform software, digital marketing, fund raising, and sponsorships.

Each platform is a configured as a PinBoard for faster MVP & Traction, and collectively we host all the Startups under Pinsfree.com so that we can cross promote the platforms.

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Why Businesses should create a Startups

There are 2 ways to grow your businesses

  1. Organic Growth - Grow new income using internal resources
  2. InOrganic Growth - Grow new income by Leveraging on external resources

We can help you in both. We like to help you accelerate your business in ways which you probably have not thought of.

And having a startup is an excellent approach to ride the digital wave. Contact us at kim@pinsfree.com for more detail

How it works

PinsFREE is a Giant PinBoard which has many thematic PinBoards.

Each PinBoard is organised according to themes. Similar to a paper Pinboard where “sellers” pins their wares, and “buyers” contact the “sellers”.

There is no charge to “sellers” and “buyers”. enjoy !!

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We believe there are many under-served areas. We like to know them. Fill in this form, we will make an attempt to help you find what you need.