About Us

About Pinsfree.com

Pinsfree has an unique solution to solve a wide range of niche issues faced by businesses and consumers , yet each solution can be presented over a simple Pinboard user interface

Examples of niche issues:

  • Mother looking for confinement nanny for 2 months
  • A car owner wishing to Sell his Used car
  • A parent requiring a babysitter to come to their home
  • A trainer looking for a training venue in town for 30 pax on a specific date
  • A freelancer looking for assignments
  • A chef looking for a job

Typically, the users will need to Google and call or email them one at a time.

Versus with Pinsfree, our users get their tasks completed within a few mins with minimum keystrokes.

Our experience is that while the market size for niche issues is small, the revenues per Pinboard is rather encouraging.

Our growth plan to build more pinboards by working with industry partners to help us seek niche issues.

Our industry partners can be company or individual who are have in-depth experience in any industry.

To find out how Pinsfree can help in your business or tap on your work experience , please contact alvin at kim@pinsfree.com