How it works

Pinsfree is about virtual PinBoards and Pins.

A Pin is an image or video
A PinBoard is where you place your Pin

We offer Personal PinBoards and Enterprise Pinboards

1. Personal PinBoards

Personal Pinboards typically used by Prospective Buyers to indicate their buying preferences in their Board Profile to receive alerts on new Pins that are of interest to them.

Personal Pinboards are free and they can “download” Pins and request for quotes from vendors to send you quotes.

2. Enterprise PinBoard

Enterprise PinBoards are for Vendors to upload their Pins for more exposure.

Enterprise Pinboard starts as low as $1200 per year

An Enterprise Pinboard Owner has the ability to create PINS on his Board and also upload his PINS to Pinsfree Public PinBoard, and other Social Media.

Pinboards can also double up as a enterprise website or as a micro-site, eg a Virtual Bulletin Board

Example: - A restaurant uses an Enterprise PinBoard as his website where he can upload his promotions to the Public PinBoard for greater exposure. - A Consulting company uses an Enterprise PinBoard as a website and uploads his consultant profiles to the Public PinBoard. - A condominium uses Enterprise PinBoard as a virtual Bulletin Board. It can also download PINS (Eg discount vouchers and Essential Services Vendor from Pinsfree Public PinBoard) into his Bulletin Board to service its residents. - A florist can make money from selling cakes and hampers from other vendors while promoting his flowers. - A vendor who is selling Fishing Equipment can sell other hobbies.

Explanation Video